The Farm

Venture Heritage Farm is a 112 acre organic family farm located in Dalton, Ohio. VHF exists to grow healthy and wholesome food, provide a place of community and connection, and serve as a grounds for research and development in sustainable agriculture.

Of the 112 acres, 80 are tillable. The majority of the land is still devoted to growing feed for livestock, such as alfalfa hay, field corn, and soybeans, but over the past few years we’ve been expanding our food-grade offerings to include spelt, einkorn wheat, and open pollinated corn for milling and puffing. We are excited about the growing interest in the ancient grains and the knowledge people are gaining about the food they put in their bodies.

We also have 11 acres currently in produce. Through the summer, we go to several farmers markets and operate an on-farm store. the majority of the produce however goes through a local organic co-op.

In addition to crops we have a registered low line beef herd which is sold by the halves and quarters.

One of our newest and most exciting events is the Heritage Gathering; a farm-to-table meal held on the farm, cooked with ingredients from the farm and the local community, and led by three fantastic and talented ladies. The season runs from June through September.

If you have any interest in the farm, our products, or events, contact us at any time.